About this course: “It depends.” That is what you’ll hear when asking about the U.S. university admission process. With over 4,000 universities in the United States and no standard application system, the U.S. admission process can be confusing for everyone, but especially for students applying from other countries.

This is an online course for international students who intend to get the admission to one of the U.S universities.

Some think that the admission procedure is complicated, especially the documents as well as the application.

Throughout this course, you will get to discuss how admission officers use those pieces to decide who is accepted and who is denied, so that you can understand the process beyond the pieces. After learning this course, you will broaden your understanding in terms of application basics such as researching schools, creating a school list, and establishing an application plan.

More or less, this free online course will guide you in some ways to make your path smooth.

It is created by University of Pennsylvania. The duration of the course is five weeks.


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