International Youth Leadership camp-Uzbekistan 2021

Opportunity overview

International youth leadership camp abbreviates with IYLC is an international youth platform initiative by the Central and South Asian youth coalition and NVOA which firstly organized in the year 2018 and hosted hundreds of campers from several countries at Zameen national park of Uzbekistan.

IYLC in an international camp which will be periodically organized in several countries with the aim of youth empowerment, at IYLC the campers will receive a variety of leadership training that meet their needs with the latest training modules and manuals which will be trained by certified international mentors and trainers.

Apart from academic activities IYLCamp will provide a range of tours, entertainments, cultural exchange events and exploring touristic and historic monuments, knowledge sharing, and several other surprises where the participants find the opportunity to feel relax and forget the tiredness of whole academic life.

IYLC will be for 6 days in dates around the 2nd to 3rd week of February 2021 but the final dates will be shared in your acceptance email, at this campers are going to stay overnight there in a very safe and hazard-free environment experiencing life away from their home and families, it will allow the participants to become independent, self-confident, open-minded, and socializing while they meet participants from other countries with different backgrounds, cultures, and traditions.
International Youth Leadership Camp is a self-funded opportunity with the below fee packages

International Youth Leadership camp Benefits

1- Visa cost
2- Accommodation for 6 nights
3- Meals and Snacks
4- stationery Kit
5- Certificate with QR code
6- Right to attend training
7- Attending cultural events
8- Attending dance masterclass
9- Attending global village event
10- International recommendation letter
11- Tours to historic & touristic monuments
12- Round trip cost (domestic transportation)
13- Right to attend entertainments and social events such as Dance Masterclass, cycling, Mafia game, open-air disco, Camp firing, Energizer, team building, and many other surprises.

What does the Camp include?

The camp comprises of two parts: academic and non-academic.

The academic parts (delivered before noon):

  • Leading and being a successful leader irrespective of your age
  • The fable reading on the significance of the change, how to change, and the process of change
  • Forming, managing, organizing, and leading a voluntary team effectively
  • Team Building, and how to be a supreme team player
  • Understanding your development levels in learning as well as your needs.
  • An introduction to Academic Writing and the principles (The writing contest)
  • Academic Reading and Reading tips and tricks (The reading competition)
  • Planning on and achieving educational and career goals (one-on-one and team counseling)
  • Public speech – Becoming a public speaker
  • Proposal writing for small grants and project design (
  • Upskilling (we will be choosing one skill that the majority of you want to learn. It can be storytelling, photography, painting, or …)

How To Apply

The application is online. Therefore applicants are requested to apply online.

For further information about training modules and detailed camp timetable please call the phone numbers bellow here:



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