Course introduction

Coventry University has designed this English for Academic Study course.

This course will help you prepare for studying at university and explore the qualities of a successful person. If you are preparing to study at a university where English is the first language, this course intends to help you understand what is expected, build skills to help you learn independently, and build your confidence.

Moreover, you will get the opportunity to learn the key vocabulary and concepts used in a university setting and find out what tutors expect from you. You will also have the opportunity to practice skills to help you improve your vocabulary for an academic context, including tools to help you pronounce new words.

Course Details

Course developer: Coventry University

Instruction language: English

Course provider: Future Learn

Course type: Self-paced

Subject: Language and Study Skills

Price: Free

Level: Introductory

Duration: 2 weeks (3 hours/week)

Start date: Flexible and available now

Course instructors:

See the full list of instructors here.

What you will learn:

Having completed the course, you‘ll be able to:

  • Understand key academic terminology and uncover its significance and relevance to successful UK university study.
  • Identify key traits and conventions of academic culture in the UK, both online and on campus.
  • Apply the use of a dictionary that enables you to boost your academic vocabulary range.
  • Record new words efficiently.
  • Identify the form of definitions, and produce your own.
  • Create a phonemic chart to help you pronounce new words.

Who can enroll?

This course suits best any student who is planning to study at an English-speaking university. It’s primarily for students whose native language is not English but will also be beneficial for students who are rejoining higher education after a long time away from studying, or who are established students looking for an opportunity to reinvigorate their study skills.

Course content

What topics will it cover?

  • Key vocabulary and concepts for the UK university context
  • Discover the approach to teaching and learning in UK universities
  • Developing dictionary use skills
  • Analyzing word forms and word families
  • Accessing and writing definitions
  • Getting introduced to the phonemic chart and how to use it to support learning and pronunciation skills

 Course benefits

  • 100% online
  • full access to the course for four weeks

How To Apply

You can join this course by completing a registration in the given link.

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