Deadline: December 2021 (Exact day is not specified)

Brief Description:

The DAAD summer exchange programme is open to all Bachelor’s and Master’s level students, regardless of their discipline. In 2022, these DAAD summer courses in Germany for overseas students will only be taught in German. Assistance is available to all students interested in language, regional studies, or technical language courses. Among the financing sources are state-recognized German higher educational institutions, language course providers, and higher educational linked organizations. In addition, course participants and teachers are happy to be associated with German institutes because of their dedication to talent acquisition.

Scholarship Details:

Opportunity Type: Fully Funded

Qualification Required: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree holders
Country: Germany
Host University: Higher Education Institutions in Germany
Duration: 18 days
Course type: Fully funded
Deadline: December 2021 (Exact day is not specified)

Benefits of Scholarship:

·        As a scholarship, candidates will receive a one-time payment of 1,061 euros.

·        Candidates from the least developed countries receive a scholarship payout of 1,236 euros.

·        The full cost of tuition and living expenses may be waived.

       Allowances for certain countries are permitted.

·        There is coverage for health, accident, and personal liability.


     Applicants must be studying at a non-German university.

·        A bachelor’s or master’s degree is required for candidates.

·        Candidates must be able to understand and follow German lectures.

·        Candidates must possess a German language certificate with an A2 proficiency level.

·        Candidates must have a strong academic background.

Required documents

·        Filled application form.

·        CV

·        Motivation letter

·        Official degree certificates

·        Language proficiency certificate.

Proof of internships (if applicable).

·        Employment certificates (if applicable).

·        Passport copy

Note: All required documents must be submitted in German Language and PDF form.

How to Apply?

·        Applicants must first create an account on the DAAD Portal.

·        Applicants must apply online through the DAAD Portal after registering.

·        Please download and fill out the application form.

·        Provide all of your personal information, such as your name, address, date of birth, country, and so on.

·        For each level, fill in all of the needed fields.

·        Carefully fill out your application.

·        The highest academic record and a letter of motivation to the subject are used to make the decision.

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