Application close: February 20, 2022

Brief Description:

Turkey Scholarships (Türkiye Burslar) is a government-sponsored scholarship programme that was launched in 2012 to help international students from all over the world recognise and develop their potential. Turkey Scholarships offer long-term (all higher education degrees) and short-term programmes at some of Turkey’s most well-known and distinguished colleges.

Over 70 thousand international students from more than 140 countries are presently enrolled in Turkey on fully sponsored scholarships. Consider that this scholarship programme has graduated over 100,000 students from Turkish colleges. Around 5000 scholarships are awarded each year to students from various nations.

Scholarship Details:

Opportunity Type: Fully Funded, Partially Funded

Language Requirement: Not Required

Application start: January 10, 2022

Application close: February 20, 2022

Location: Turkey

Number of institutions: 112

Number of Scholarships: 5000

Interview: March- June 2022

Result announcement: July 2022

Agreement and visa: July- August 2022

Travel of New Students to Turkey: Sep 10-20, 2022

Program types:

·        Full-time Scholarships: 

·        Short term Scholarships 

Full-time Scholarships:

·        This type of scholarship is offered to those who want to pursue a higher degree education in Turkey to study one of the following levels of education:

    Bachelor degree

·        Master degree

·        PhD

Short term Scholarships:

·        This Scholarship is not offered to complete a degree but for a short period.  the scholarships that fall under this scheme are as following:

  Success Scholarships

Merit Scholarship offered for students with a publication in international journals, students with international language certificates such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc., and those who have an excellent GPA. This scholarship offers the double Scholarships amount and stipend.

·        Research Scholarship is also offered for one year.

·        Turkish Language Programme for Public Officials and Academicians

which is a one-year scholarship for those who have started their studies in Turkey and have a GPA.

Level of study:

·        Bachelor Degree

·        Master’s Degree

·        PhD Degree

Fields study:

·        Various fields

Benefits of Scholarship:

This fully funded scholarship covers:

·        Health insurance

·        Full tuition fee

·        Monthly stipend (1000 TL for Undergraduate, 1400 for Master degree, 1800 TL for PhD and 4000 TL for research students).

·        Travel expenses to and from Turkey

·        Free and fully paid one year language training

 Accommodation *

·        * Undergraduate students have accommodation provided by government for all duration of study and for master and phd, students will receive a 750 TL each month to rent a place where they want but it is after the Turkish language training.


·        Applicants can apply to this scholarship should meet the following criteria:

·        Be National of any country other than Turkey

·        Have a good health situation

Age limit: Undergraduate: under 21 years old ( born no earlier than 01.01.2001)
Master: under 30 years old (born no earlier than 01.01.1992)
PhD: Under 35 years old (born no earlier than 01.01.1987)
Research: up to 45 years old (born no earlier than 01.01.1977)

Academic result restriction:   

·        Have completed or likely to graduate from an educational institutionUndergraduate applicants must have achieved 70% out of the 100 scores in High school

·        Masters and PhD applicants must have achieved 75% of 100 score

·        Medical sciences, dentistry, and pharmacy applicants for undergraduate studies must achieve at least 90% of the 100 with great success at mathematics, chemistry and biology.

·        Those who completed their high school in Turkey and do not hold Turkish citizenship can apply to this scholarship.

Required documents

·        Photograph (taken in than last six months)

·        Governmental issued document: Passport/National ID card

·        High school graduation certificate and transcript ( Shahadatnama) for all

·        Bachelor’s degree and transcripts for graduate and Doctoral applicants (high school degree documents are required as well.)

Master degree and theses statement for PhD applicants (high school and bachelors are also required)

·        Two or three reference letter from your academic or work experience background

·        Research Proposal for master degree and PhD

·        Any other certificate, achievements, CV (if available)

·        Intent letter

·        University entrance test ( Kankor) score and its certification or document (if you attended the Kankor exam)

Letter of intent: 

Letter of Intent have two

·        First Section,, it is expected to explain the following details: your academic and social experiences relating to the field you want to take an education, your reasons for choosing Turkey for study, and the importance of your future plans for your education and scholarship in Turkey. You can write the letter of intent in the language you can express yourself. (3000 Characters)

·        Second Section: If you have a subject in your application documents that you think is not clear enough and you want to explain, or if you want to draw the attention of the evaluation committee, please briefly explain in this section. You can write the description in the language you can express yourself

 Study Proposal content: 

·        Subject of study
Working Title (Up to 15 words)(Please write in short and concise terms the title of your work as a thesis or an article title.)
Analysis of the Problem (at least 75, maximum 300 words)(In this section, briefly describe the topic and your theory (concept map) to be used in the study.)
Research Method (minimum 50 maximum 300 words)”(Give information about the academic research methods you intend to use in this study. For example, in-depth interviews, observations, surveys, experiments, etc.) For example, in-depth interviews, observations, surveys, experiments, etc.)
General Structure of the Study (at least 75, maximum 300 words) Write the main headings of the study.)
Academic Contribution of the Study (minimum 75, maximum 300 words) (Explain how this study will contribute to your academic field.)
Literature Review (at least 75, maximum 300 words)(Please write down the main academic sources written in this study area.
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