IU Germany Largest Scholarship 2022-2023

The modern working world is undergoing radical changes, and factors such as demographic changes as well as automation will fundamentally alter the most in-demand position across all industries. In IU’s home country of Germany, the next 40 years will see 10.2 million fewer people of working age, leaving a huge gap in the labour market just waiting to be filled with qualified workers.

352 out of 801 occupations are currently facing skills shortages, with 55% of companies in Germany seeing this as a major risk. Most of these jobs are in the STEM and business industries, these industries have many occupations which are also among the least susceptible to automation, a staggering 79% of new job vacancies in 2018 were in areas facing shortages. That’s why they’re really is no time like the present to choose a degree that will work for you well into the future.

Practical & Career-Focused Learning Material 

A key aspect that makes IU graduates stand out from the crowd is the focus put on practicality. Their programmes are designed with the latest industry developments in mind and taught by experienced industry professionals.

These aspects are combined with a practical curriculum, using case studies to aid learning, meaning that you graduate with a realistic experience of the kind of issues you will face in your field. This is why 94% of IU’s graduates find work within three months of graduation.

Study Your Way 

There are advantages to studying online or on-campus depending on your circumstances, but circumstances can change, that’s why IU offers a flexible model that enables you to choose. IU’s online model offers you complete flexibility, study on your terms and complete lectures whenever you have time.

This is perfect for anyone already working or those with family commitments. You even get to take exams whenever you are ready, from the comfort of your own home, with no travel or extra cost!

IU’s on-campus model offers you the opportunity to take your learning and career prospects international. Join at one of their campuses in Berlin or Bad Honnef to get a flexible mixture of in- person and online lectures.

This enables you to network with other students and attend career fairs, work part time to kickstart your career in Europe, and get a post-study work visa upon graduation to start working in Europe’s largest economy, where the average graduate starting salary is €45,000! 

Make an investment in your future today. Sign up this March to guarantee your online scholarship of up to 80%, or an on-campus scholarship of up to 40%!


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