Application deadline: Dec 31, 2022

Opportunity Description

United People Global Sustainability Leadership is a movement that inspires and equips individuals at all levels to pursue initiatives that improve people’s lives in all spheres. It is based on the UPG’s commitment to doing what we can with what we have rather than waiting for someone else to act, which inspires constructive citizen leadership on sustainability. It is accurate to say that UPG Sustainability Leadership is a way of thinking.

Meanwhile, The United People Global (UPG) Sustainability Leadership mobilizes people and groups to favor constructive citizen leadership on sustainability through special training. As a result, it brings together people committed to making a difference by doing good deeds. So, submit your application if you believe you may be the one to go on a path toward a more sustainable planet.

Quick Details:

  • Organizer: United People Global (UPG)
  • Application deadline: Dec 31, 2022
  • Program Delivery Mode: Online
  • Number of applicants accepted: 500


This training program aims to increase UPGSL’s ability to oversee at least one project within its community. Additionally, UPG Sustainable Leaders conduct a second set of mini-training sessions in their communities after completing this course, helping to build a group of knowledgeable people who are taking positive action and exemplifying sustainability leadership.


  • Online training will be provided to all 500 registrants.
  • After completing the course, participants will get UPG Sustainability Leader certification.
  • Learn from professionals and organizations engaged in the strategies and problems critical to improving the world.
  • Develop relationships with rising young leaders from around the world. These connections will endure when the program is over.
  • The Hurricane Island Center for Science & Leadership will continue their education for 60 selected participants during a one-week immersive trip to Hurricane Island.


  • People enthusiastic about one thing in particular (such as their employment, education, or the seas) don’t need to be passionate about everything.
  • Those who have already taken sustainability-related action and those who have never done so.
  • Individuals from every continent.
  • Between 1 March and 30 November 2023, persons aged 18 and 35.
  • Individuals with various degrees of schooling.
  • Individuals who are highly motivated to serve as UPG Sustainability Leaders.
  • People who are able and willing to take sustainability-related action.
  • Individuals who support UPG’s goal of empowering people to improve the world via constructive action.

Selection Criteria:

Young, resolute individuals from all walks of life and corners of the globe are sought after by UPG. They range from seasoned experts to new graduates.

There are four criteria used in the selection process:

  1. Who are you, according to your profile? This aids UPG in its pursuit of diversity.
  2. Your Motivation: It selects the most driven candidates.
  3. Your Possibilities and
  4. The Impact Potential.

Note: It is highly advised that you include a brief video (no more than two minutes) with your application to answer any of the inquiries from the sections above or to introduce yourself in greater detail. The video assists them in assessing your English language proficiency, among other things.

Important Dates

Selected applicants’ announcement: January 31, 2023
Start to end of UPG Online Program: March 13 to 12 May 2023
2023 UPG Sustainability Commencement Ceremony: June 2, 2023
Selection of 60 UPG leaders to go to Hurricane Island: June 30, 2023

How to Apply?

Application for the UPG sustainability program can be submitted online. To apply, please Click on the Apply Now button; you will be taken to an application form that you can fill out online.


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