Deadline: 22 September 2021, (23:59 AOE)

Opportunity Description

CoreNet is accepting applications for the Global Academic Challenge (submit). Students from any part of the world who can think creatively about the real estate problems faced by Real estate professionals from companies like Google, Duke Energy, and … ? Applicants need to address the challenges like reducing the gap between the business speed and real estate typical speed.

Creative thinkers can apply and win a fully paid trip to travel the world!

CoreNet Global Academic Challenge is a global competition that is going to be held in North American, aims to make cooperation among the college students and academic disciplines. During the program, the participants will be connected with local chapters, members of the association, and future talent.

The focus of the competition is on addressing the global challenge with the best solutions. University students from all over the world who have an idea for the global challenge can apply to this competition and get a free trip to North America with a precious prize.

Deadline: 22 September 2021, (23:59 AOE)

Prize: $5,000

Number of the winners: 3 teams

Location: North American


  • Each team must be including 2 up to 4 members with different academic backgrounds from more than one institute
  • Team members should be attending different disciplines such as Architecture/design, engineering, business, finance, and science.
  • Each member of the team must have a faculty advisor from the home country with his/her contact information
  • Each team must have a team leader. the leader will be the main contact for the program
  • The presentation must be about 15 minutes and will be present in front of the panel of judges, as well as an audience of CoreNet Global members, sponsors, and guests.
  • Have a good English proficiency
  • Applicants must be an international student
  • Note: the communication, submission documents, and correspondence must be in English

How to apply

Create your team chose a leader and faculty advisor, mention the challenge, address and ingenuity and creative solution, be the winner, travel out of your country with your team expand your global network, meet the greatest minds and innovators, make corporation for your team and company, further, compete with other teams, this competition focus on awareness of corporate real estate as a career chance between the university students.

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