4500 New Pakistan Scholarships For Afghan Students

About the Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarship Program scholarship:

Under the Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarship Program, the Pakistani government has granted 4500 scholarships in a variety of academic subjects and at several academic levels, including undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees. These scholarships are being made available to 4500 Afghan students over the course of the next three years in order to assist them in pursuing higher education in Pakistan and to forge new professional ties and bilateral communication between institutions in the two nations. 1500 Afghan students will be chosen annually for the Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarship for Afghanistan’s third phase, receiving fully paid scholarships to study in Pakistan. The applicants for this merit-based scholarship program will be chosen based on their performance on the written test administered by the HEC.

Scholarship Details:

  • Deadline: coming soon announce.
  • Location: Pakistan.
  • Program degree: Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degrees.
  • Nationality: only for Afghans.
  • Language required: No.
  • fields of study: all fields are available.

Scholarship main objective:

  • Aid Afghan kids in obtaining a top-notch education.
  • Create economic connections between the sister institutions in the two countries.
  • Promote the growth of human resources for Afghanistan’s reconstruction.
  • bolster communication between the two adjacent countries.
  • Create a positive image of Pakistan among Afghans and foster commercial connections between Pakistani and Afghan organizations.
  • Give Pakistani universities the ability to attract students from neighboring countries with a top-notch education

Benefits of the scholarship:

Afghan students are fully supported by this scholarship:

  • Library free.
  • Monthly stipends.
  • Paid the cost of tuition for the university.

Scholarship eligibility:

  • Candidates must be Afghan nationals.
  • Do not hold any other scholarships during the study period or at the time of application.


The applicants’ marks in Shahdatnama should be at least 75% (IBC deadline: 60%), and they must be submitted no later than 2018.

  • The candidate should be between the ages of 17 and 23.
  • Candidates for the fields of medicine and engineering must obtain at least a 65% on the PEC and PM&DC entrance tests.

Master’s degree:

  • Age requirements for applicants: 40 years of age or no older than 35 for non-faculty applicants (faculty members)
  • completed 16 years of education, including 12 years of high school with a 70% grade point average and 4 years of university with a 2.5 CGPA.

For Doctoral requirements:

  • Age requirements for Doctoral applicants: 40 years of age or less (for non-faculty members) (faculty members) 18 years of schooling (12 years of school with a 70% average plus 4 years in college with a 2.5 CGPA out of 4.0 and a least 3.0 CGPA out of 4.0 is necessary for an MS or MPhil degree).

Documents requirement:

  • photograph
  • ID card.
  • Academic credentials (high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree, if you’re applying for a master’s or doctoral degree).

How to Apply:

Note: that the application period will shortly begin. For updates, follow us on social media or check back here.

f there’s any question you have, don’t hesitate to ask, contact the below address.

Pakistan Embassy Afghanistan:

Commission on Higher Education:

Apply Here


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