September: 27-30, 2017

Cultivating and nurturing strong economic bonds between countries is a foundation that offers a bounty of benefits for each nation.  In addition to more employment opportunities, stronger economies, and better overall relations, these bonds build partnerships and prosperity, and a platform to deepen the understanding between cultures and heritages.

It is those ideas that lead USAID/Afghanistan to announce the Passage to Prosperity: India-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Show to take place on September 27-30 in New Delhi, India.  The goal of this show is to advance regional integration by strengthening economic ties between Afghanistan and India through partnerships.  The event will highlight recently signed agreements, showcase Afghan companies and Indian innovation, and launch a forthcoming single-sector event series.  Near-term results expected are increased Indian investment into Afghanistan and expanded Afghan commercial ties with India.

 This show follows on the December 2016 Heart of Asia ministerial meeting when Indian Prime Minister Modi and Afghan President Ghani announced ambitious plans to stimulate trade between the two countries.  Prime Minister Modi described Afghanistan as a critical economic hub between Central and South Asia, including connecting Afghanistan directly to India through the establishment of an air transport corridor and special economic zone near Afghan airports.  President Ghani also set a target of increasing bilateral trade and investment to $10 billion in five years.

 Similarly, USAID/Afghanistan focuses on private sector-led growth as an effective way forward to help stabilize the Afghan economy through increased employment and security.

The show will feature Afghan entities from the economic growth, agriculture, health, education, and energy sectors seeking trade and investment opportunities with India.  CEOs from major Indian companies awill also be participating, and thematic panel sessions on relevant topics will be held throughout the event.

 To capture the momentum from this event, USAID/Afghanistan is designating a team in both Afghanistan and India to provide continuing support and guidance for private and public sector partners.  This team will streamline communication with USAID, and assist with follow-on activities related to any business arrangements, Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), Letters of Intent (LOIs), and other agreements made at the event to further foster the growing economic partnership between the two countries.

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