The Brigham Young University is pleased to offer Former & Continuing Student Scholarships for the academic year 2018-2019. Former and continuing undergraduate degree-seeking students are eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarships.

The Brigham Young University (BYU) offers scholarships as an investment in the education of select students who have demonstrated a serious and diligent commitment to academic excellence.

BYU seeks to develop students of faith, intellect, and character who have the skills and the desire to continue learning and to serve others throughout their lives. These are the common aims of all education at BYU. Both those who teach in the classroom and those who direct activities outside the classroom are responsible for contributing to this complete educational vision.

Scholarship Description: 

  • Application Deadline: March 1, 2018
  • Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue undergraduate programme.
  • Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded to learn any of the courses offered by the university.
  • Scholarship Award: Scholarships are available for the year 2018
  • Nationality: International students
  • Number of Scholarships: The number of scholarships awarded depends upon available funding and the qualifications of the applicants relative to each other.
  • Scholarship can be taken in the USA

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

Eligible Countries: The US and international students are eligible to apply.

Entrance Requirements: To be eligible for this scholarship you must meet the following requirements:

Former and continuing undergraduate degree-seeking students are eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarships. Former students receive consideration as continuing students.

Continuing Student Academic Criteria

Continuing Student academic criteria are determined at the beginning of the awarding process, and therefore cannot be published in advance.  Please note that the cumulative BYU GPA must meet the minimum requirements in order for a scholarship to be awarded.

Continuing Students, Spring/Summer 2017 Required GPA
Spring/Summer Full LDS Tuition 3.89
Spring/Summer Half LDS Tuition 3.65

The Fall 2017/Winter 2018 continuing student academic scholarship consideration is based upon a student’s completion of at least 12.0 BYU credit hours as a day continuing student by the end of Fall 2016 semester. The BYU cumulative GPA (does not include transfer work) must meet the cutoff in order for a scholarship to be awarded.

Cutoffs are determined by ranking students in their colleges and awarding scholarships until there are no more funds. Cutoffs vary from year to year. Because cutoffs are established at the time we make awards, we cannot predict what they will be in the future

English Language Requirements: All international applicants for whom English is not the native tongue must provide proof of competence in the English language.

Application Procedure: 

How to Apply: The mode of application is online.

Online Application

Scholarship Link

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