Applications are now invited for the online course by UNICEF the United Nations Children’s Fund. This course is free of cost. This free of cost course is a joint collaboration between UNICEF and the University of Pennsylvania.

Online course by UNICEF:

The theme of this free of cost, online course is Social Norms and Social Change. If you’re a student who would like to avail fully funded scholarships in the future, this course would be a great addition to your CV!

Brief Description:

  • Location: Online
  • Program: Course
  • Course level: beginner
  • Course completion: 14 hours (approximately)

Eligibility Criteria:

Everyone can apply!!!

Online course by UNICEF description:

This is an important course on the subject of Social Norms and Social change. It will teach the students how to differentiate between the norms of a society and the customs prevalent in a society. This free of cost course is specifically helpful for people working in the development or public sectors, as this could help them prevent harmful practices from coming to the front.

Course Duration:

The syllabus of the course is divided among 4 weeks. The topics of the 1st three weeks take 2 hours to complete and the topic of the last i.e. the 4th week shall take about 4 hours.

Course Topics:

Week 1: Interdependent & Independent Actions + Empirical Expectations
Week 2: Normative Expectations + Personal Normative Beliefs
Week3: Conditional Preferences + Social Norms
Week4: Pluralistic Ignorance + Measuring Norms

About the instructor:

The instructor for this free of cost online course is Christina Biccheri , who is a professor at the Department of Philosophy. She is a professor of Social thought and comparative ethics.

Benefits of this Course:

These courses are a very valuable addition to your CV. 29% of the people who completed this course stated that their career had benefited from this course and 12% of them secured a pay raise or promotion.

How to Apply:

There is an Online Application Form to apply:

Application Link

Official link: Click here

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