Online Designing For Behaviour Change Workshops For ASEAN Youth

Deadline: 30th September 2020

WISE will be running a series of online Designing for Behaviour Change workshops over the next one year, targeted at ASEAN youth (18-35 years old). The workshop will cover basic concepts on how to understand and design behaviour change interventions. WISE aims to provide useful knowledge and skills that participants can use to ‘do good’, either with the people around them, or with their wider community. We are looking for volunteers like you to support the Fundraising team.

Volunteer Roles

Lead – Fundraising (1 opening)
Skills required: Leadership, marketing, communications, organizational and other skills. Ideal for: Previous fundraising experience, background in business or related fields preferred but not necessary. 

Team Member – Fundraising (3 openings)

Skills required : Marketing, communications, organizational and other skills. Suitable for: Previous fundraising experience ( would be a bonus), education background in business or relative fields (would be a bonus), First Timers, Seniors. 


Plan the fundraising strategy, and ensure that it is implemented. Report weekly updates to the project management team. Coordinate with the Finance, Workshop Design and Publicity team to discuss fundraising methods.

Team Members

Follow-through on the fundraising strategy. Create, lead fundraising events, and monitor/posts on our social media sites. Research, identify and create draft for grants to support the workshops.


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