Deadline: June 20, 2022

Brief Description:

International students can apply for 2000 scholarships from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India, and Study in India. Tuition, entry fees, lodging, and food will all be covered by the scholarship. Students interested in attending one of the SII partner institutes can apply for admission.

Scholarship Details:

Opportunity Type: Partially Funded

Language Requirement: Not Required

Language of Instruction: English

Number of scholarships: 2000

Program date: 2022-2023 of the academic year

Deadline: June 20, 2022


·        Undergraduate integrated courses: 5 years

·        Undergraduate courses: 3 to 4 years based on course duration

·        Postgraduate: 2 years

·        Amount of scholarship: 3500 USA Dollars per student per year

Level of study:

·        Bachelor Degree

·        Master’s Degree

Fields study:

·        All Majors Except Medicine

For master degree:

·        Applied Mathematics

·        Computer Science

Benefits of Scholarship:

·        Tuition and admission fees (0-100%)


·        Food


·        other expenses must be covered by the applicants.

·        The scholarships amount will be transferred directly to the applicant’s institute


·        Applicants must have an excellent academic records and background in their latest degree they achieved.

·        Applicants must pass the Ind-SAT exam, which will be taken by the SII team.

·        Applicants must have got admission in one of the SII partner institutes.

Renewal process:

Applicants need to send the documents and attested below by the respective institute:

·        All of the academic subjects must be passed by the applicants and promoted for the next year.

·        Must follow all roles and disciplines successfully.

·        Must have at least 75 % attendance must be maintained by the applicants.

Scholarship withdrawal:

   If applicants join an institute different from the one he/she is directed to, must cover their expenses by themselves.

How to Apply?

·        Eligible applicants must apply for one of the partner institutes of Study In India.

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