Coardaid Internship and Training Programs for Kabul based Youths

Deadline: 28.March.2019

No of seats: 70

About Cordaid:

Bright Future Afghanistan:

Building a Pathway To Success For Afghanistan’s Young Entrepreneurs:

Bright Future Afghanistan, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a five-year economic development and training program dedicated to stimulating entrepreneurship, the creation of new businesses and the provision of economic opportunity for the youth of Afghanistan.

From 2017 until 2021 The Bright Future programme will focus on improving local economic prospects for urban youth in Kabul, by enabling young Afghan entrepreneurs to setup and grow their business as well as working on improving the business development eco-system and rule of law.

In Afghanistan, each Bright Future initiative is implemented by a consortium of four International and Afghan  non-profit organizations: Cordaid (, The Bayat Foundation, the 1% Club (, and the Hamika Baramaki Organization for the Rule of Law (HBORL) (

About The Bayat Foundation:

Since 2005, The Bayat Foundation, Afghanistan’s largest private charitable organization, has promoted the well-being of the Afghan people.  The Bayat Foundation has contributed to 100s of projects dedicated to improving the quality of life for the youth, women, poor, and elderly of Afghanistan; including construction of 14 maternity hospitals that have provided medical care to more than 2,000,000 mothers and babies.  The Bayat Foundation’s projects have included the construction of new facilities and infrastructure and the promotion of health, education, economic, and cultural programs.

Currently, our program is seeking to recruit 70 recent University Graduates who are seeking their very first job.  Advanced Business Consulting (ABC) Company (, will implement the Job Readiness training track beginning April 2019 – June 2019.

Summary of the Training and Internship:

Bright Future Afghanistan’s Job Readiness Training and Internship Program provides University graduates with essential job training, mentoring and access to a network of private sector companies and public-sector agencies, who can assist program participants with securing meaningful employment.

The Job Readiness Training and Internship Program is currently accepting applications from two-year and four-year University graduates who are majoring in the following subjects:

Business Administration
Customer Service
General Administration
Human Resources
Project Management
Labor Law

How The Program is Organized:

Part I: Training and Instruction:

Each participant in the program will receive up to 80 hours of training in the subjects of Job Skills Development, Market Trends, Pre and Post-Employment Readiness and Labor Law. Each training sessions will consist of one three-hour class. Class sessions will be conducted five/six days per week.

Part II: Internship Placement:

Internships are assigned to program participants at the completion of the 80-hour training period. The Internship is typically completed within a three to six-month period. In many cases, after the completion of the Internship period, Employers may provide Interns with a formal offer of employment.


Bright Future Afghanistan does not provide compensation or stipends to participants in the Job Readiness Training and Internship Program. Some companies, at their discretion, may provide compensation or a stipend to their Interns.

The training will be conducted by Advanced Business Consulting (ABC) at their headquarters located at the at ABC Building near Dehburi Square D3, Kabul.

The tentative start date of the Bright Future Afghanistan’s Job Readiness Training and Internship Program is 01-April-2019.


Eligible Participants

Participants meeting the following criteria will be selected for the program:

Men and Women ages 18 to 35 years
University Degree from any universities in Afghanistan or abroad, 2 & 4 years graduates (Business Administration, General Management, Sales, Marketing, HR, Communication, Customer Services and, Project Management)
Interested applicants should not have any prior work experience

Applicants should be residents of Kabul city only

Submission Guideline:

Interested Qualified young (male/female) are invited to apply for the opportunity by clicking on the link below for registration/application.

For more information on “A Bright Future of Afghanistan” programme, please visit our official website

In case of any other queries, please write to us:


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