STARTS Prize 2021 for Arts-Stimulated Innovation in Technology Industry & Society (€20,000)


Submissions are now open for the STARTS Prize 2021 for entrants worldwide. STARTS Prize is the grand prize and an initiative of the European Commission that cherishes the most groundbreaking innovations, collaborations and results at the interaction of science and technology with the arts. Moreover, Science, Technology, and Arts (STARTS) has been launched to honor innovations in the fields of creativity and invention and to enhance the alliance of technology and artistic practice.

It also demonstrates that the role of artists is not only about disseminating scientific and technological knowledge and skills among the general public but also acting as a catalyst to inspire innovation processes.

STARTS Prize 2021 Details

Submission deadline: March 03, 2021

Organizer: Arts Electronica together with a group of partners

Notification of results: the jury convenes at the end of April 2021 Mid-June 2021 at the latest

Prize presentation ceremony: At the Arts Electronica Festival in September 2021 in Linz, Austria

Number of prizes: 2


  • Winning cash prizes
  • Participating in the prize-awarding festival
  • Participating in the prize’s consortium partners events globally.

Prize value

Two prizes, each worth 20,000 cash money will be given to two winners in honor of their innovations and efforts.

What can submitters submit?

  • Pioneering collaborations and projects lying on both technology and the arts. Purely artistic or technologically driven projects are not of much relevance to this competition.
  • All forms of artistic works and practices with a strong connection to innovation in technology, business, and/or society.
  • All types of technological and scientific research and development that have been stimulated by art or involve artists as catalysts of fresh thinking.
  • The jury is welcoming submissions from a wide variety of fields and disciplines. Among others, projects from the areas of new media applications, human-computer interaction, machine learning, biotechnology, art & science, green technologies, material research, smart cities, and citizen empowerment, robotics, quantum technology, and many more.
  • For inspiration, take a look at a broad range of the prize winners, honorary mentions, and nominations of the past years here.


Who can enter the prize?

  • Both individuals and organizations who have made significant innovation and fulfill the criteria can apply;
  • Artists/innovative professionals or the researchers/companies involved from throughout the world can enter;
  •  STARTS is not confined to citizens of EU-member states or a particular field;
  • Submission is free of charge;
  • Projects submitted should not be older than two years or if so, have to indicate a substantial update or further development within the last two years; and
  • Every project that enters the competition must be, at the time of its submission, either totally completed or at a stage for the jury to be able to assess its quality and the possibility of its successful implementation.

Evaluation criteria

Submissions will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Quality of the artistic research and its potential impact on technology
  • Excellence and success of the cooperation between art and technology
  • Quality and strength of the relevance to innovation, education, social inclusion or sustainability
  • General norms such as aesthetics, uniqueness, reasonable concept, creativity and the technique and quality of the presentation

How To Apply

Entrants/participants can submit their entries online via the link below.

Submit HERE.

What documents or inputs to submit?

  • A video documentary (about 3 minutes long)
  • Images (JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG) at the highest possible resolution; compressed files (such as .zip or .lzh files) are not unacceptable.
  • A clear, comprehensive description of the artistic concept, the form of interaction and technical implementation;
  • A printable portrait photo and a biography of the artist
  • At the entrant’s discretion, additional material such as images, documents, and drawings (as PNG or PDF) may also be submitted.

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