Deadline: August 24, 2021

Opportunity Description

Wellcome Trust organization in the UK offers international master’s fellowships for applicants from low and middle-income countries to study their master’s degrees and do research in health-related fields.  Nationals of low-and middle-income countries who have an undergraduate degree in a health-relevant subject will be given the opportunities to pursue a postgraduate training and undertake a research project at an eligible host organization in a low- or middle-income country.


Career stage: Postgraduate training

Host organization location:

  • Low- or middle-income countries
  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland

Researcher area: Public health

Award amount: £120,000

Duration: 30 months; 12 months MSc course and 18 months research project

First-round Application deadline: April 21, 2021

First-round Result announcement: June 2021

Second Round application deadline: August 24, 2021

Result Announcement: November 2021

Benefits of Wellcome International Master’s Fellowships:

  • Tuition fees
  • Studentship stipend (£16000-18000)
  • Travel expenses
  • Research expenses
  • Salary
  • Personal expenses
  • Supporting costs


Applicants who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply to Wellcome International Master’s fellowships:

  • Be a national of a low- or middle-income country
  • The research proposal should be within our science remit and focuses on a health priority in a low-or middle-income country
  • Have support from an eligible host organization in a low- or middle-income country.
  • hold an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject
  • Recently started your career and have limited research experience
  • Interested in research or have research ability

Your supervisor criteria:

  • Have a fixed post during the fellowship
  • Have an ongoing research program
  • Strong track record in research, training, and mentorship
  • Guide you during the application process and fellowship
  • Supervise your research project day-to-day

Selection criteria:

your application will be assessed on your:

  • research question importance and quality
  • approach feasibility to solve these problems
  • choice suitability of research environments
  • selected taught Master of Science (MSc) course

How To Apply

Applicants should read the eligibility and suitability for International Master’s Fellowships and apply online if they are eligible.

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